Are automatic rain sensing wipers worth it?

With the rapid pace of advancing technology, we see features that were exclusive to high end luxury cars being introduced on entry level cars. One such feature is automatic rain sensing wipers that switch on without the driver manually turning a knob or adjusting the speed of the wipers. But are rain sensing wipers really worth it?

Rain-sensing wipers work with infrared sensors placed on the windshield that detect the presence of rain drops and turn on automatically to clean the windshield. It is often an option on cars and is chosen by the driver to make the driving experience much more pleasant. It can also be installed on cars that don’t come with this feature from the factory. Rain sensing wipers can be purchased online from a car accessory shopping site.

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What are wipers used for?

The main function of wipers in a car is to clear the windscreen of water, dust or debris to increase visibility for the driver. Wipers are also featured on the rear windscreen of some cars to help in reversing if the rear windshield is dirty. In conditions when it is raining, wipers are essential to have good visibility while driving. Commonly, the wipers are manual and have to be switched on by the driver when needed. If it is raining heavily, then the speed of the wipers can also be increased to deal with the excessive amount of water on the windscreen.

Rain sensing wipers turn on automatically when they detect rain. They make use of infrared sensors to detect the presence of water on the windshield and automatically turn on to deal with the rain. Even the speed is automatically adjusted depending on the amount of rainfall. If a car does not offer automatic rain sensing wipers as an option from the factory, they can be purchased online or at a car accessory store and installed by a mechanic without much hassle. The car wiper blades price when bought online from car accessories online shopping sites are around Rs. 2000. It is a very good add on to your car and is both convenient and a safe feature to have.

How do automatic rain sensing wipers work?

Rain sensing wipers have an infrared sensor mounted behind the windshield. When water droplets are present on the windshield, it causes the infrared waves to be reflected at different angles. When the sensors pick up this change in the infrared waves, they send a signal to turn on the wipers. Depending on the amount of deflection of the infrared waves, the system can ascertain the amount of rainfall on the windshield. Therefore, they can even adjust the speed to deal with heavy rainfall, or when the vehicle’s speed is high.

At high speeds or when the rainfall is heavy, visibility will be reduced and the wipers will have to work faster to wipe off the water on the windscreen. If a car is equipped with rear wipers, they will be turned on if the front wipers are activated and the transmission is shifted into reverse. This will increase visibility while the car is being parked while it is raining.

Are rain sensing wipers useful?

With an automatic rain sensing wiper, you can take your mind of controlling the wiper blades when it rains. Adjusting their speed is also controlled automatically so that you can concentrate on driving the car, steering and changing gears if it has a manual transmission. This is a very convenient feature to have in a car and it also adds to safety because we sometimes may fail to turn on the wipers at the right time and our visibility can get obscured subsequently. This is especially important on highways at high speeds and in heavy rain. Automatic adjusting of wiper speeds means that you will have maximum visibility at all times.


Automatic rain sensing wipers make a great car even better if it is coupled with automatic headlamps that switch on when the visibility becomes too low at night or when it is too cloudy. Automatic rain sensing wipers are a convenience and safety feature added to cars to make the driving experience that much more enjoyable. Rain sensing wipers detect the presence of water on the windscreen and automatically activate to increase visibility in heavy rain.

Once the rain stops, the wipers are automatically deactivated, allowing the driver to focus on the road and drive safely. The sensors are usually placed behind the rear-view mirror and detect the presence of water droplets by using infrared waves that are deflected when there is too much water. Modern cars are now incorporating advanced technology and features that were too expensive to be used on smaller, less expensive cars. The main aim of these features is to increase driving pleasure, convenience and safety.

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