Back Pain Treatment and its symptom

Back Pain Treatment and its symptom

Back pain Treatment
Back pain Treatment

Back pain is a widespread lament of the old and new generations. A few years before the epidemic spread digitally around the world, the elderly were generally denied that status.

But the constant clock in front of the screen in all sorts of strange situations has made it so widespread that we have recently discovered an unknown person.

However, back pain can be due to any reason. He also appeared in government offices. This is a common problem despite having a mild fever.

However, back pain is not so common. Sometimes they can lead to the onset of a serious chronic illness. Or they could be a sign of an accident or injury, some labor activity, or a completely unrelated medical condition.

However, it can affect people of any age for a variety of reasons. This is an absolute problem for adults due to their work or degenerative disc disease.

There may be pain in the lower back or upper back. Damage to the lower back can be caused by any type of spinal cord or nerve damage, including spinal discs, lower back muscles, or some lumbar internal organs.

Upper back pain can be caused by aneurysms, swelling in the chest or thoracic region.


Back pain can be caused by stress, strain, or injury.

1. Torn tendons, muscle strains/cramps, and fractures cause stress.

2. Improper posture, simultaneous lifting, bending, or lifting weights may or may not cause stress.

3. Back pain can also be caused by structural diseases such as disc, joint pain, abnormally curved spine, and kidney problems.

4. Poor posture plays a major role in reducing back pain. This can cause heavy objects to bend, pull, twist, awkwardly bend, push, push, pull or lift.

Signs and symptoms of exposure:

Risk factors for back pain:

1. Strict responsibility/profession

2. Pregnancy

3. Obesity / sedentary lifestyle

4. Aging bones

5. Genetic and other medical conditions (e.g., arthritis, etc.).

Symptoms usually include pain in the upper or lower back, which sometimes spreads to the buttocks and legs.

In addition, low back pain is more common in women than men, probably due to hormones.

Diagnosis and treatment:


1. It is usually enough to see/hear the symptoms and do a physical examination to find out the cause of back pain. However, if the condition persists, the doctor may perform an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan.

2. It should only be done if there are one or more injuries, if the pain persists / increases or if other reasons need to be found for immediate medical attention.

3. The patient may also have physical therapy to diagnose any problem in the joints or soft tissue of the body.

4. In case of infection, the doctor will ask for a blood test.


Back pain can usually be relieved by taking rest, home remedies, or taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. Massaging the back and applying hot / cold compresses also provide great relief from pain.

If the pain persists, the doctor may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or physical therapy.

Physiotherapy is another great way to get rid of back pain. These include compression, back and foot massage, and electrical stimulation techniques. Dr. Amit Kumar is known as the best physiotherapist in Gurgaon and he is the founder of Physio Health Plus Clinic in Gurgaon.

To improve the pain, the therapist may perform muscle strength and flexibility exercises and instruct the patient to continue the exercise to prevent recovery.

Although surgery is rare, surgery may be needed to correct a misaligned disc, persistent pain, or nerve contractions that weaken the muscle.


Back pain is caused by accidents such as improper movement and posture, lack of exercise, proper eating habits, movement, lifting, or poor posture.

A proper diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, regular standing and muscle strengthening exercises without bending and stretching regularly can help prevent back pain. Wearing flat, comfortable shoes and keeping the spine straight protects the spine from being sprained while lying in bed.

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