Best Free Online Conference Platforms

Virtual conferences and meetings became a part of our daily lives back in early 2020, and since then it is the same. Now that we have gotten too comfortable with the online format of attending conferences and meetings, we are sure it is going to be the future as well. The statistics are here to support that.

Now that we know virtual conferences and meetings are here to stay for longer than we thought they would, we have decided to help you with a list of the best free online conference platforms. So, without any ado, let us jump straight into the blog, and let us see what it has in store for you.




Mixhubb is a 3D online conference platform known for its range of advanced features and easy-to-use interface. It comes with customization capabilities, and allows the organizers to customize their meetings, however they want to. Not only this, since Mixhubb is a self-managed platform. It allows its users to get control on their event, and manage it all by themselves. It is a pocket-friendly online event platform, which makes it easy for organizations of all scales and sizes to use it. One of the most scalable platforms, Mixhubb, is an encrypted solution, which means you do not have to worry about online threats such as hacking, data leakage, etc. in your event.

It provides the users with a set of some of the most amazing and empowering tools. Mixhubb understands how important it is to make the attendees feel involved in the meeting. And this is why it comes with several audience engagement tools such as live polls, live chat, Q&A, etc. Moreover, to help the organizers in an effortless execution of the event, Mixhubb provides them with tools such as screen sharing, recording, live analytics, etc. In addition, Mixhubb provides the users with a one-month free trial.




One of the most popular and prominent online meeting and conferencing solutions, Zoom became a household name ever since the world got affected with the pandemic. Do you want to know how popular and reliable Zoom is? You can understand it by the fact that nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies believe in Zoom. They consider it as the first choice to host online meetings. The free model of Zoom allows the organizers to host meetings for up to 40 minutes with a maximum of 100 attendees. Not only this, Zoom also provides the users with features like live chat, breakout rooms, screen sharing, recording, etc.


Dialpad Meetings:


Next on the list, we have Dialpad meetings, which does not require the users to download the meeting software. Dialpad Meetings comes with high customization capabilities and has a built-in Artificial Intelligence. Some of its top features include screen sharing, whiteboard, live chat, file collaboration, etc. Its free plan allows the users to host meetings for up to 45 minutes with 10 attendees. Best suited for small-scale organizations and meetings, Dialpad Meetings comes with integration with names like Hubspot, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. . It helps the organizers conduct their meetings is a more effective and impressive way.


Google Meet:


The next online meeting platform we have on the list is Google Meet. It is one of the simplest and efficient virtual meetings and conference platforms. Though this platform has been specifically designed for Chrome, the users can access this platform from any browser of their choice; making it a multi-browser compatible platform. This platform allows you to share your screen, record the meeting, and share files with the fellow attendees. Since it is a product by Google, this platform is capable of integrating with all the Google applications and software.


Cisco Webex Meetings:


This top virtual meeting and conferencing platform allows the organizers to conduct hassle free meetings and conferences. With its free plan, the organizers can conduct meetings up to 40 minutes with 50 attendees. It comes with an active speaker view which allows you to see who is speaking in the meeting. Not only this, Cisco Webex Meetings comes with a live poll feature. It allows the attendees to express their views in the meeting. It is a great tool that allows the organizers to know the attendees’ reviews while the meeting is going on. Cisco Webex is a completely safe and secure platform. It allows the organizers to plan and host meetings on this platform without worrying about eavesdropping, and other security issues.

This platform also provides the users with 1GB cloud storage, and features like recording, and screen sharing.

The platforms we have shared above are a few of the best free online conference platforms, which not only promise the users with a seamless experience, but also fulfill those promises. Depending on the scale and size of your meeting, you can pick the platform of your choice, and host unforgettable experiences. All these platforms are efficient in their own way, and will help you host meetings and conferences, spending any money.

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