Electric Contractor – Mistakes and Fire

There is really no need to explain the cost of faulty or deteriorating electrical installation. Electric fires are hidden, occurring at night and destroying lives, families and businesses. Prices are often the most expensive. What about insurance, you might ask? Okay, but most values can’t be changed and watch your premiums go up after any claim. Prevention is always better than cure. Where residential electricians near me are involved there are technological implications that your reputable builder will know so you don’t have to do it.

Low quality power cable

For example, there is a negative market for low quality cable that can put you at risk. The problem is that for an amateur, the faulty thread is not visible to the naked eye.

The British Approval Service for Cables (BASEC) is concerned that due to rising steel prices there are power lines where less copper is used. An economy like this leads to less electricity and can cause overheating, fire and shock. These economies can lead to insufficient supply which can lead to cracking and “fire hazard”.

Awesome statistics

We cannot see many of our uninterrupted cables and imagine that they will continue to operate indefinitely at present 20% of all fires are caused by electrical outages. In addition, electric fires cause the deaths of about 24 people a year (comunities.gov.uk) and £ 9.3 Million a year in damages (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Statistics).

Just think of those statistics. One in five fires is caused by ineffective electricity. Don’t take my word for it. These are government figures. These figures confirm that almost three thousand ignitions per year come from fixed power outages. The Electrical Safety Council recommends that circuits be regularly inspected and maintained. Most of these, (electrical), could have been avoided if homeowners had prioritized their electrification. (esc.org.uk/safety-in-the-home/danger-in-the-home/fire- safety.html)

I can drill you with technical information about the most common stitching techniques such as arcing or excessive ohmic heating, (overcrowding, earth faults, poor communication). I can talk about cable life or the fact that insects especially enjoy pulling the cable ahead of time. But the real questions are what can you do to ensure the safety of your family and your belongings?

What you can do

First note the obvious signs of power failure:

o Are your plugs hot?

o Is there a smell of fish?

o Are there any heat spots?

o Do you have dim lighting or frequent fuse failure?

o Is there an overuse of consecutive clues or adapters?

This last point is important if you are a real estate agent. Electricity in such areas is often put under heavy load by busy and indifferent workers. An additional concern is that such structures are often overlooked at night.

When did you last test your electrical installation? This annual recommendation is for commercial and industrial areas and at least every ten years for residential properties. This should be very common in older homes especially if you suspect that it has been replaced by beginners before your purchase.

With all the large amount of electrical appliances available inside a modern home, it is not surprising that electrical improvements have become so common. Managing the electrical needs of a modern homeowner is no small feat, and to keep everything running smoothly, new power lines can often be a necessity, especially in buildings built many years ago. When you consider the electrical upgrade in your home, you will find a few things you need to know; the wiring project is no small task, and the more you find out about what is available, the more you will be able to communicate with your contractor what you expect from the project.

Planning for the cable business:

A major wiring project adds a huge load to a large power supply. In about 25 percent of all households, a certain style of service development is required before new wiring is installed. For example, many homeowners will be forced to replace an old 60-amp power supply with a new service limited to 100 amps or more. An authorized electrician in my area are needed to perform this type of work.

Careful planning of the wiring ensures that you will be strong enough for current and future needs. Whether you are adding circuits to an extra room, installing cables in a reusable cooking area, or adding an outdoor circuit, consider all possible ways of using the space, and arrange adequate electrical service to meet high demand. One of the worst things you can do as a homeowner is to start with an underdeveloped electrical upgrade. As technology grows better, it is important to make sure that the power cords are not bad enough at the moment, but are good for anything that may come in the future.

Electrical upgrade for your Circuit Breaker:

Electric cords are by no means the job of most homeowners to handle them personally, but it is a good idea to know a little about what it will take to deliver your property as soon as you talk to your contractor.

Another way to plan a new wiring project is to look at the main breaker circuit. While some homeowners may be intimidated by a circuit breaker, most should be able to easily find a circuit breaker box, and read the amp rating printed on it. In most cases, the 100-amp service provides enough power to handle large loads. Service limited by 60 amps or less may need to be upgraded.

Search for open circuit breaker spaces in the main circuit breaker panel. You will need one open slot for each 120-volt circuit you plan to install, and two spaces for each 240-volt circuit. If your main circuit breaker panel does not have open spaces, you will need to install a smaller panel.

Electric inspectors:

Remember, every cable job needs to be reviewed by an electrical inspector to make sure the changes are in line with the electrical and structural codes. Failure to obtain the necessary permits and inspections may result in problems that could cost more time and money than other property owners (or unscrupulous contractors) might consider saving by doing work “under the table.” You may have trouble re-selling your property in the future, or worse, the homeowner’s insurance may refuse to cover your losses in a house fire because your house was illegally changed!

Electrical Installation Issues

Electrical installation is a high technology and there is a forest of complex rules. If you are not an electrician, you will not be expected to know about them. This means that when we look at re-installing cables or cable units we rely on reliability.

Ask Simple Questions

Where there is special knowledge there is also ignorance. Certainly some self-proclaimed marketers want to exploit that. We see them frequently portrayed on television but still persist. Want to know why? Because potential customers do not ask simple questions that I will reveal to you in due course.  These simple but inspiring questions will ensure that you get a reliable, knowledgeable electrician in my area. 


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