Top locations for a New Year’s Eve celebrations in Delhi

New Year Celebrations in Delhi

Expect to be amazed by the blaring of up to New Year eve parties in Delhi with the hottest music from famous DJs, gourmet food and unique exhibits, and much more! For you to make your New Year’s plans in Delhi Here we come providing you with a list of the top places to have a party.

New Year Eve celebrations at DLF Mall

To have the most memorable new year festivities at Delhi This year go to the Smaaash Fair in your friends. The place has many things planned for everyone whether it’s older or younger This family event can be the most enjoyable experience you can have this New Year’s. Alongside some incredible music and food options, guests will have cover at the entrance to the area. Sounds energizing? Sure, stay tuned until you learn about the prize giveaway in the same place! It’s impossible to resist the drinks and prizes are certainly the focal aspect of the evening. Make sure you are able to show your love to your family members at this slam in Delhi.

New Year Celebration Eve, Utsav Farmhouse

Go to Utsav Farmhouse and accomplish something unique this New Year’s Eve. The huge fire will keep you warm while the DJ keeps you dancing all night long. In addition to endless tidbits and drinks It is one of the most enthralling new year celebrations in Delhi. The place is renowned for the most dazzling New Year’s celebrations in Delhi.

New Year’s Eve, Flavor Pirates

If you’re in search of an event with a poolside DJ to enjoy a great time this season, Flavor Pirates the spot to be. It is a place of total happiness, unlimited alcohol and food options, along with a pulsating DJ to light the mood, this year’s New Year’s celebration in Delhi is sure to be an unforgettable one. New year’s eve is just to being delayed by a few minutes. Don’t miss it not wait to book your tickets now.

New Year Celebration, The Ashok Inn

The New Year festivities in The Ashok Inn is as an ensemble with the senior citizens of the years to come and the seniors of the present.The thrilling party starts at 9.01pm with endless entertainment, dancing and drinks and an excellent meal. Make sure you have your formals or casual outfit ready for the beginning of the year.

Euphoric occasions .The Hong Kong Club

Be prepared to experience the most spectacular new year’s celebration in The Hong Kong Club. The cafe is a great place to enjoy a magnificent New Year’s Eve with an incredible show featuring

numerous specialists.

New Year Eve, AnnaMaya


Observe New Year in Delhi at AnnaMaya. With a range of happy snacks, delicious menus, and delicious pastries, AnnaMaya is among the most enthralling New Year celebration spots in Delhi to spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy a night of dancing to DJ music and welcome the year started in fashion. The main attractions of the celebration include pastry, full entertainment as well as a kids’ zone.

Key Nightclub Inn Samrat New Year Celebration

If you like a little extravagance your tastes, head for Key Club Lodging that offers the best worth. In addition, amazing music, amazing drinks and mouthwatering food will not take your place all things thought about. There’s a variety of activities while Russian performers and world-class barkeeps try to impress you with their skills.

New Year celebrations in Aqua park

Do you want it to be to be expensive? The Aqua park is the best club in town. On you think a massive is your preference, this is where you should be at New year’s eve. You’ll appreciate the delicious beverages and food, while the live band and other events keep you energized.

Tales and Spirits New Year Slam

We haven’t mentioned Hookah as of yet. In the event that you’re an avid Hookah fan and want to celebrate New Year’s Eve celebration with your beloved it is the time to choose a tale or two. They offer energizing options for hookahs, as well as stunning drinks. You can enjoy every one of these as their DJ turns your night into a movie by bringing his music to the party.

Imperfecto Shor Hotel

Could it be that you’re turning the New Year’s Eve celebration into the equivalent of a Date Eve? In any case it is time to choose the Imperfecto Shor hotel to take your partner to discuss endlessly about thrilling dance performances as well as other creative expressions. They can also set the tone for your night with the help of live shows, unlimited entertainment, delicious food and a variety of drinks.

New Years Eve at Teddy boy

Teddy girl at Connaught venue brings the party and the euphoric enthusiasm of the year ahead. Get ready for an unforgettable night with DJ nights and dhol, mouth-watering appetizers, endless alcohol and food options and more. It will surely be an unforgettable night.

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