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Directory Submission Sites have become very popular in the Internet Marketing world. They work just like any other type of directory submission except they cost money. These types of directory submissions often include web addresses that potential customers can click on to find products and services they need. If you are a good marketer and know how to market and promote your business, Directory Submission Sites can help you gain traffic and targeted visitors to your website.

Directory Submission Sites can do much more than create quality backlinks to your website though. While there’s no guarantee that either your link will ever be approved or not, it does take quite a bit of time just to be accepted. In addition, in this directory submission, the owner of that particular directory submission site will often take payments for the paid submissions. That’s money in your pocket. This money could be considered an investment because you’ve taken the time and effort to get the quality backlinks and then pay the fee to the person who owns those directories.

But what about getting quality backlinks from directories that don’t pay? That’s an entirely different subject matter. The point is that directory submission sites should still be valued just as much as any other form of SEO. They can quickly build your backlink profile with very little money spent. So should they be used for free?

The answer is yes. You can submit your website URL to directory submission sites and still expect to be successful at search engine rankings. There are many reasons why your website URL should be placed on a directory submission site. First, you want people who are actually looking for what you have to offer. If you’re an online psychic website, then placing your website URL on a directory of psychic readings would probably do you good!

Second, directory submission sites often offer high-quality backlinks. Google loves high-quality reciprocal links and will reward you with excellent search engine placement and natural listing traffic. So you want to submit to these top 3 sites, not only for the obvious reasons of getting high-quality backlinks but because you want to get listed on the first page (or two) of Google! It is quite common for people to submit their website URL to directory submission sites in order to gain a higher position on Google’s search engine results page, which is Google’s biggest incentive.

Finally, there are no black hat SEO techniques used by directory submission sites. Directory submissions generally do not include any type of spam score’ algorithm that tries to boost your website’s SEO ranking. Instead, the directories that are used are specifically designed to provide a service that enhances your web visibility by showing you relevant and solid information and letting you link directly back to your website (which Google & other major search engines will acknowledge and give you good page authority).

So there we have it – three very good reasons to submit to directory submissions instead of to article directories. First, directory submissions give you more direct link juice. Second, most directories are high quality and are well established. Third, they help you gain a better PR and organic search engine positioning. As you can see from the list above, directory submissions provide strong SEO benefits for anyone who’s willing to learn the SEO and work to optimize their web pages & their SEO strategies.

In conclusion, directory submission sites definitely benefit those who are willing to learn SEO, but they are much better served by those who are already doing it. If you’ve been writing articles and trying to build backlinks for years without any success, I suggest you start submitting to directories today! You’ll be glad you did. And so will your competition. Learn more about SEO from our site.

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