What is skin fungal infection? causes of skin fungal infection? benefits of ketoconazole to deal with skin fungal infection

Skin infections are anything but fun. You probably remember the classic “ringworm” from when you were a kid, but it’s not just kids who get these debilitating skin conditions designed to cause misery. There are many types of skin infections other than ringworm, and they can be extremely difficult to treat. In this article, I explain what they are with care instructions on how to treat them at home with inexpensive ketoconazole ointment. Simply read on for more info! 

What is a Skin Fungal Infection?

A skin infection is where fungi live on your skin without causing any harm to you while feeding off your natural oils and sweat glands to survive in the humidity oyourur bodies. These fungi thrive in the moist environment and in their natural habitat are commonly referred to as “The Crust” or “Dermatophytes”. Ketoskin cream price is very reasonable and it is effective for skin infection.

Thankfully skin fungal infections (which I will abbreviate to SFU) are most often quite non-serious, especially if treated early on with topical antifungal medications such as ketoconazole (brand name Nizoral). The vast majority of people who suffer from these fungi can simply treat them with our cheap but effective over-the-counter alternatives.

What Are The Causes:

SFU is caused by fungus all over your body, especially on areas that get sweaty, like the scalp, feet, and groin. You can’t choose to get one of these infections; they come along with the territory of being human. MosSFUs is caused by the fungus Malassezia, a harmless skin-loving bacteria that is often used as a tool to identify other species of fungal infection in the doctor’s office. Toto gets an SFU, you need to have been infected with normal skin bacteria and then either not cleaned your skin properly (scrubbing too much or using products that aren’t designed for this) or have been exposed to something new (like bath salts party) and allow your skin to become compromised enough so that it can no longer fight off germs from the outside world.

How to Treat:

Ketoconazole is a synthetic antifungal that can be applied directly to the scalp (or feet, groin, etc.) where it will kill the fungus growing on your skin and return your scalp or skin to normal. The most common brand name for ketoconazole is called Nizoral, but it is also available in generic form.Ketomac tablet uses in hindi can be found in internet and it is also helpful to treat certain conditions.

What Are The Benefits?

Ketoconazole works by killing the fungus which lives on your skin both in an outwardly visible layer known as “The Crust” and deep down in your hair follicles where it burrows under the surface (“Tinea”) or even deeper into muscle tissue (“Tinea Versicolor”).

The Benefits of Finasteride to Combat Skin Fungal Infection

Fungal infections are not fun, but there are some good things about them, and one of these is the fact that they almost always need to be treated early on with topical antifungals like ketoconazole. This is a big advantage because pretty much any other type of treatment for SFU’s can take months.


In fact, the most exciting thing that I have found in my 4 years as a medical professional is that there are certain over-the-counter alternatives to treaSFUs’s (such as Nizoral) that actually work faster than most other treatments we have available.

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